Mission & Vision

Manna of Life Timeline

1995: Ministry was born as a response to the pressing human need of hunger and love.

1998: Manna of Life Ministries becomes officially incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit.

2000: First fundraising Gala to support vision

2005: Manna begins shelter outreach to families and children providing toys,clothes and other essentials

2007: Manna begins to distribute pantry bags of Thanksgiving meals complete with turkeys and all the fixings to impoverished families, in addition to pantry staples.

2015: Divine Light Church enters in an agreement with Manna of Life Ministries to allow Manna to use Church to run soup kitchen and pantry.

Presently, Manna runs a weekly pantry, traditional soup kitchen and outreach soup kitchen.

Mission Statement:

Manna of Life Ministries, Inc. is a not-for-profit faith based program dedicated to serving the homeless and destitute. Our goal is to address their immediate hunger needs and ultimately, to empower them to reverse their current situation.

Manna of Life Ministries is all about reaching and helping people. This is clearly evidenced through the services we offer including a Soup Kitchen/Mobile Soup Kitchen, Pantry/Mobile Pantry, Outreach programs and Nutritional programs.

Community Referrals.
We assist in meeting the needs of those disenfranchised members of our community by feeding, clothing, educating and empowering them through our varied programs and resources.

Our Vision is to expand our services and continue to be a catalyst by impacting the lives of the hungry, homeless and poor. This will be realized by making available nutritional and emotional support as well as other necessities that will facilitate their transition from homelessness into housing. We reflect God’s love towards those we serve. We are committed to pursuing a vision for the ministry God has called us to do.

Effects of Hunger

*Studies show that food insufficiency is associated with higher prevalence of poor health conditions, including stomachaches, headaches, and colds; and that severe hunger can predict chronic illness among both preschool- and school-age children.

*Hunger-related toxic stress can negatively affect brain development, learning, information processing, and academic achievement in children.

*Food insecure children may perform worse on academic achievement tests and learn less during the school year.
Source; Apa.org. (2018). [online] Available at:https://www.apa.org/advocacy/socioeconomic-status/hunger.pdf [Accessed 30 Aug.2018].

What we offer!

* Soup Kitchen

* Food Pantry


*Clothing and Toiletries Distribution
Special Programs

*Thanksgiving Dinner

*Saratoga Christmas Outreach

* Holiday Celebration at various schools.

Ways to help!

*Donate: Time, Funds, Toiletries

*Volunteer: make sandwiches, outreach, serve clients

*Fundraiser: Spread the word, create fundraiser, etc.