Our Sponsors

Please consider joining our new TEAM “UP” campaign. We are looking for monthly donors to help us solely with our monthly operational expenses and costs which keep on coming in the mail like clockwork.

We are asking for pledges of $25 a month through a special web page we have set up on our website titled TEAM”UP”. Your pledges will be processed through PayPal which is an easy, secure, safe, and trustworthy way of processing payments and donations through the web. You may donate through your PayPal account if you already have one set up or through a straight up donation by using your debit or credit card! Thank you all so much for considering this desperately needed help.
God Bless!

Our Partnerships

Holiday Outreach Sponsors

  1. Toys for Tots

  1. Scavello on the Island

  2. Private Donations

Recipients of Holiday Outreach

  1. PS 212 in the Bronx

  2. Saratoga Family Inn Queens, NY

  3. Bronxworks Living Room

  4. Imara’s kids

  5. Families throughout the Bronx Community