Manna of Life Ministries is so proud to announce the 27 yearlong success, celebration, and togetherness achieved in the Bronx community with our “Reaching the Forgotten” Gala Celebration! It marks the results of our hard work and mission: Serving the homeless and destitute and empowering them to reverse their current situation”.

Thank you to all those who led the program:

  • Welcome – Pastor Jasmine Davila – Mistress of Ceremonies
  • Invocation – Jose Collazo
  • Greetings – Jasmine Davila
  • Manna Video – Abraham Vazquez Production
  • Serving During COVID – Mirna Rivera Cruz
  • Pledge Request – David Martinez
  • Manna Impact Awards – Erbin Cobian – president
  • Volunteer and Community Recognition – Gladys Roman
  • Closing Prayer – Reverend Dr. Gregory Anton McCants

We are heartened to congratulate our honorees here once more!

  • Pastor Jeffery Cortez
  • Mary Ann Durden Cortez
  • Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
  • Pastor Raymond Serrano
  • Pastor John Lopez

The BronxCare Health System Family also congratulates the following honorees!

  • Board of Trustees Officers:
  • John R. Colon, Chairman
  • Cristina Toosie, Vice Chairman/Secretary
  • Rita DiMartino, Assistant Secretary
  • Milagros Baez O’Toole, Assistant Secretary
  • Fredrick Gilbert, Assistant Secretary
  • Board of Trustees Members:
  • William Aguado
  • Sobeida Cruz
  • Ricardo R. Fernandez. Ph.D.
  • David Gomez, Ed.D.
  • Lillian Hernandez, Ed.D.
  • Steven J. Landgraber, CPA
  • Barbara Lowe, RN, MPH
  • President and Chief Executive Officer:
  • Miguel A. Fuentes, Jr.

This event was deeply resonant with Manna’s missions of giving food, giving home, and nourishing the human spirit. The food feeds the body just as music feeds the soul and both were magnificent throughout the event! It will be a brilliant memory for the rest of our lives, and a constant reminder to the challenges we overcame.