One of the most giving ministries I know that meets the immediate needs of the local community. As a school social worker I often meet needy families. This ministry has been one of my secret weapons and that they have been available to deliver groceries, clothing, furniture and even medical equipment to homes in dire straits. The folks from Manna serve lovingly from their hearts. It is an honor and privilege to know this ministry. If you want to look for an organization in our communities to support highly recommend Manna Of Life.

Jeffrey Cortez

They always give to the community, you can bring any donations and you can trust that they really give it to the community; in my own words they don’t have a selfish bone in their body.

Leslie Agosto

Manna of life has been a life saver to the families in my program. Manna has fed, clothed, and provided the spiritual, social and moral support that my patients needed. Manna of life is an organization that practices what it preaches. It’s a privilege to watch them work.

Imara Casiano