Reverend Erbin Cobian


Reverend Erbin Cobian founded Manna of Life on the principle that no man, woman or child should ever go hungry. His calling is to serve and empower the less fortunate. He himself was once upon a time less fortunate, he was hungry, homeless and felt hopeless. He slept on the NYC subway. He knows firsthand the meaning of homelessness. God turned his life around. He completed an apprenticeship as an ironworker, eventually landed a job working for the New York City Transit Authority, the very same place that he slept in when he was homeless. He recently retired from NYCTA after 27 years of service and is dedicating all his time to the ministry.

Evelyn Cobian

Administrative Assistant

Evelyn Cobian is a retired English Language Arts Special Education Teacher. She is a people person and enjoys collaborating with others on projects. She has excellent management skills and is adept at overseeing our special outreach events. She has strong organizational skills and is proficient at implementing and overseeing programs that increase efficiency strengthen volunteer/staff knowledge and abilities, to maintain the overall health of a company. Evelyn cares about people and is always willing to lend a hand in helping anyone in need.

Diane Andujar

Vice President

Diane Andujar is a retired licensed clinical social worker. She is experienced in crisis intervention, individual and group psychotherapy, working with diverse groups which include seniors, adults, adolescents, young children and families, MICA population, LGBTQ and the homeless. Diane’s strengths include: team building, problem solving, good listening skills, operations and staffing. Diane has excellent communication skills in both English and Spanish. Diane has always encouraged others to seek a career in something they are passionate about. Diane does not only advise others to seek their passion, she lives it. Diane is passionate about what she does: serving others, advocating for others, counseling others, empowering others and praying for others.

Mirna Cruz

Food Coordinator

Mirna Cruz is an amazing woman of God. She is a home attendant to her brother. Prior to coming to the ministry, Mirna worked as a medical assistant and she was a foster mom to rescued animals. She is a caregiver by nature, which is her calling.She cares for her ailing and aging family members, the community at large and animals. She is a firm believer in “loving your neighbors:” She coordinates all food planning, ordering and preparation connected with the soup kitchen and pantry. She is continuously updating her knowledge by attending workshops that focus on healthy nutrition. She is the kind of woman who would give you her coat off her back if it would keep you from being cold.

Gladys Roman

Health Coordinator

Gladys Roman brings over 40 years of restaurant and food service experience to the organization. Under her leadership, Manna of Life developed Manna on Wheels, which delivers uncooked meals to homebound adults. Gladys loves to feed everyone, especially the poor, homeless, elderly and disenfranchised. Prior to becoming Executive Director, Gladys was employed as the Director of Sales for a major NYC restaurant company. Gladys has been involved with Manna for over 20 years and looks forward to many more years to come.