On Saturday, June 17, we at Manna of Life (a Bronx-based non-profit organization) hosted a heartwarming Father’s Day Service and Barbecue Event.

The event brought together families, community members, and volunteers to honor fathers while enjoying a delightful day filled with a bilingual service, delicious BBQ, and many meaningful moments.

The service, led by the charismatic duo of Evelyn Cobian (Manna of Life) and Preacher Michelle McGregor (Trinity Church), drew an impressive crowd of attendees eager to express gratitude towards the fathers in their lives.

As a bonus, every father present received a gift: a T-shirt and cozy socks (Worldvision) – a small gesture symbolizing appreciation for their love and dedication.

These vibrant photographs encapsulate the joyous atmosphere and genuine appreciation shared during this memorable celebration.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming events!