It was magical seeing nearly 50 people at once in assemblage around Manna’s Garden of Hope. In mindfulness of produce accessibility, usability, and waste, this Bronx community event cooking demonstration focused on recipes that could be revised to what was available. No single ingredient breaks or makes the dishes, and Chef Ili thought that might be best for some who may not be able to secure or handle certain types of foods.

Here were new recipes demonstrated:

  1. Gluten Free Pesto Pasta
  2. Bolognese w/ GF Pasta
  3. Quick and Easy Blueberry Honey Lemonade

There was also a question and answer portion to the cooking class, so many members of the community were able to engage with Chef Ili and learn in a way that was best for them. It was an amazing day praying, learning, and eating with you all! Every time we have a cooking class we see new and returning faces which motivates Manna of Life Ministries to continue doing what we do and do it better than before.

Thanks so much for cooking with us!

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