We’re ending September’s Bronx community events with another cooking demonstration in our Garden of Hope from Chef Ili! We decided to focus on how to bring appeal to children when it comes to new nutritious recipes, a tricky line to balance on since everyone likes different ingredients. Changes in the texture, palette, and aftertastes were some ways to change a dish discussed during the class. Examples would include mashing cheese into the gnocchi, adding cilantro to the dalmons latties, or cooking peaches low and slow. There are an endless amount of ways to make things more digestible for a child, and these were just a taste of them!

Here is the standardize recipes the culinary class worked around:

  1. Cheese salmon croquettes/Croquetas de salmon con queso
  2. Homemade potato gnocchi/Ñoquis de patata caseros
  3. Caramelized peach slices/Duraznos caramelizados

As always, thank you to all those who came both old and new, our manna volunteers, and Chef Illiana (@Chef.ili)!

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