This Father’s Day had more than just dads and grandads, but mothers and grandmothers too. We were so happy to see so many from each family gather together for celebration of fatherhood and paternal bonds.

However, it was not just a day for family, but a day of faith as well. We gave thanks to God and all that He has given us. It was a day of remembrance that through faith and good work, we can expect success through any catastrophe. There was no better way to do this than to share sunlight, food, and song.

The BBQ was truly blessed! Those that came had a wide selection of burgers, vegan burgers, turkey burgers, hot dogs, several variations of salad, macaroni, and many fruits and veggies. Root beer floats, ice cream, cookies, and cakes were served for dessert!

The following resources were also given:

  • Spanish and English Bibles
  • Spanish and English daily bread devotionals
  • T-shirts
  • Personal care packages for men
  • Pistachio, almond, and raisin bags
  • Portable battery chargers and other miscellaneous items!

It heartens us to see that these supplies were all taken and will be of full use to the community!

This would not have been possible without our partnership with Legacy Movement Church and Pastor David Morales. We had only one small grill prior to the event and asked to borrow some equipment to make sure everything could run smoothly. To our shock, Pastor David connected us with Ray Munoz, who donated a grill three times the size of our own as a gift! We are honored, blessed, and thankful for the donation and what it allows us to do for the Bronx. Thank you to Legacy Movement Church, Pastor David, and Ray!

Thank you to Worship Singer Richard and Ordained Reverend Mark for the speaking, Bible readings, and brilliant singing.

Thank you to the Manna of Life Ministries veterans, Glory Girls, and all our volunteers!

And thank you to those who came to celebrate and share your support for the Bronx community events!