To us at Manna, the Thanksgiving Bronx community event is one that is especially dear to our hearts. It is a time surrounding blessing of the harvest and gratitude for all we have. Challenges can become unbearable, but as hard as they may be, thankfulness is a powerful force that can help us persist and survive. Even after these challenges subside, it is even more imperative that we remember and give thanks, so that we can help others do the same.

This Thanksgiving season, Manna of Life Ministries distributed over 285 individual pantry bags to more than 1,140 family members. Turkeys and whole chickens were given to take home with them, along with a full thanksgiving dinner (stuffing, mashed potatoes, assorted vegetables, Mac and cheese, and pie) was distributed to over 200 people as a grab and go bag.

The day began with a moving and spirit-filled Community Thanksgiving Church Service, with a Spanish translation. The sermon was led by Pastor David Morales from Legacy Movement Church, with worship led by his wife, Tiffany Morales. With over 40 people in attendance and many requesting prayer we were fortunate to have Glory Girls for Christ ministry in attendance who assisted in ministering to those in need.

On top of the distributed Thanksgiving goodies, free English and Spanish Bibles were given out to everyone that came!

We’re especially thankful to BxCPC – Gabriel DeJesus, BronxCare Hospital, Circle of Christ Church, and Bronx Shore Kiwanis for donating turkeys! The event would have been truly incomplete without you and our Manna volunteers.

We send our prayers to everyone this Thanksgiving for their happiness, health, and all the good life has to offer. 

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