Nutrition, knowledge, and community.

These are the three values that inspired Chef Ili to make an amazing return to Manna’s Bronx community event this May 18th!

Chef Ili’s culinary journey began with health complications at an early age and propelled her to her background in fine dining. Now she shares the knowledge she’s gained through her journey with Manna of Life Ministries and the brilliant people of the Bronx.

“Medicine is within our food.” – Chef Ili

Chef Ili champions this statement, sharing with us today the advantages of nutrition, proper eating habits, and the human body’s miraculous ability to heal. She loved showing the results of these advantages and sharing how to achieve them through cooking!

Here were new recipes demonstrated:

  1. Latin Fusion Hummus
  2. Scrambled Eggs with broccoli burrito
  3. Sautéed cabbage with onions & garlic

Some of the ingredients found in these dishes are grown fresh at our Garden of Hope! People were excited to enjoy fresh food and the sight of the garden. So were we! The appreciation for Chef Ili runs deep in Manna, volunteers, and everyone who came to the Bronx community event. The crowd coming to the demonstration was almost double our first! We were overjoyed to see so many of you return for the two hour class.

Chef Ili is excited to return in June! She says having communities tell her of the new dishes they’ve tried heartens her, and having kids come back and say they cooked for their mom pays more than any dollar amount.