This Earth Day, we celebrated the people of the Bronx, the soul of NYC, and the spirit of Mother Earth by preparing the Manna of Life Ministries’ Garden of Hope. 

We created soil beds and potted plants in preparation, then quickly got to work filling the garden with soil.

Rosemary, strawberries, yellow onion, cilantro, and much more were planted with care.

Fresh egg sandwiches with red pepper, onion, and spinach were served to our volunteers for breakfast to keep us going throughout the radiant day. 

Steaming catfish, cooked veggies, and vanilla ice cream was served in the afternoon to those who were able to stay and help.

Manna’s Garden of Hope has already created comfort and provided sanctuary to the hearts of those in the Bronx. During Earth Day, our neighborhood stray was able to deliver several brilliant kittens in the quieter, less busy corner of the garden.

Thank you to the Bronx Health Reach for partnering with us to bring some verdance to this golden day.

And a great thanks to our volunteers who made it possible.

We also deeply appreciate those who were able to stop by and voice your support!

Join us next time by signing up to volunteer