Manna of Life Ministries is proud to announce the results of our first cooking class and demonstration hosted by Chef ili and sponsored by the Bronx Health Reach. The menu served and taught consisted only of dishes with nutritious ingredients, some of which are being grown within Manna’s Garden of Hope now! We believe each Bronx household is a heart to the Bronx, and maintaining a healthy household begins with healthy eating. Here is a menu of the dishes taught and served:

  • Sautéed Kale w/ garlic
  • Grilled/Seared Zucchini
  • Bok Choy sautéed with garlic, lemon
  • Grilled Beet Salad w/ Arugula & red onions

It was heartening to see the class packed with well over 20 participants from people as young as 20 to as wise as 90! Thank you for coming, learning, and sharing this beautiful day with us. Thank you to Chef ili, Bronx Health Reach, and all who volunteered to make it possible.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next culinary class: May 18th, 10-11am.