A month’s worth of Bronx community events were packed into today! Giveaways, games, face painting, book readings, Mimi the Clown, and FDNY fire safety lessons were provided along with lunch, dessert, and snacks!

Thank you to our young Explorer volunteers and the NYPD for coming to help us paint the faces of those who stopped by! Everything from the flowers to highlights to spiritual patterns were absolutely brilliant on everyone’s excited expressions.

“Peanut Butter and a Little Extra Kindness” was read to the children and their families who came by to listen. A wonderful story regarding many of Manna of Life Ministries’ virtues: Empathy, kindness, gratitude, selflessness, and fulfillment. Since it was a long read, breaks were filled with balloon art and Simon says to get the kids rejuvenated and focused again!

Seeing everyone rush up to the fire truck as it stopped by with FDNY firefighters was nothing short of exciting. It was truly a blessing to have them teach those who came with fire safety, FDNY protocol, and the different situations that someone may find themselves in during the case of a fire. Not only were the discussions insightful, but fun as well! Despite how many people had come, every hand raised was acknowledged, and every question asked was answered!

Of all the great events that happened today, one of the greatest was our veteran volunteer David delivering one of Manna of Life Ministries’ cribs to a very grateful pregnant mother!

Seeing everyone come and enjoy such a variety of experiences for a single purpose is really what Manna of Life Ministries is all about. Giving hope that lasts.

Thanks for coming.

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